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Role Management fails when Role includes characters like æ,ø and å


When I use danish characters in a role name, I get an error page when I click the role or try to delete the role. The role works as expected on the site, it's just the management that fails. From the ULS log I gather that a conversion fails somewhere as ø is translated to some jibberish in the error log.

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ccoulson wrote Oct 21 at 12:50 AM

This works for me if I create a role with the characters copied from this issue. Maybe the roles were added somewhere else with a different encoding and that's causing the issue? Can you try creating a role with these character on the FBA Pack role management page and see if you can click on it/delete it then? If it still doesn't work for you, can you see if copying the characters from this web page and pasting them in instead of typing them on the keyboard works?